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Hanley Law Firm offers a complete range of legal services from criminal defense to civil lawsuits and injuries. With over 40 years of experience, chances are we have handled a case like yours. Our broad background has prepared us to guide you through the most complicated legal processes.

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Criminal: Federal, State, and Municipal Courts

Sometimes good people make mistakes. Sometimes law enforcement makes mistakes. Regardless of whether you have been caught committing a crime or wrongfully accused, you have guaranteed rights under the United States Constitution and laws of Alabama. The protection of those rights is necessary not only for your own future, but also the future of our free country. Whether you find yourself in in Federal, State, or a municipal criminal court; the government has a team working to prosecute you. You should not have to face that alone. The Hanley Law Firm is particularly passionate about representing citizens accused of crimes and is experienced in all types and levels of criminal cases. We’ll fight to make sure that the prosecution is held to their burden and that you receive the protections you are entitled to.

Criminal: Juvenile

Believe it or not . . . kids make mistakes. Many times their mistakes are just as bad as adults’ can be. Luckily, our judicial system recognizes that children and adults should not necessarily be treated the same under the law. Minors simply do not have the physical or emotional development to reason and make decisions on the same level as adults, and they will often respond to rehabilitation efforts that would be wasted on adults. With these differences comes a different court system (Juvenile Court), including different rules and procedures. Nonetheless, children enjoy constitutional protections just as their adult counterparts do and those rights need to be protected. Our firm has handled hundreds of juvenile delinquency cases and is intimately familiar with the unique issues surrounding children charged with crimes. We know how important your child’s freedom is to you and will fight to protect it.


Often as necessary as it is unfortunate, divorce is something that most of us do not plan for when we get married. However, a couple’s life has often become complicated with property, children, and debt by the time trouble has entered the marriage. The division of these three is often the focus of dispute during divorce. Occasionally a couple can decide to part ways and agree in all aspects of their division. Unfortunately, however, they frequently cannot. Either way, it is important that you retain legal counsel to ensure that your interests are protected and the outcome is fair. Whether you are facing a contested or an uncontested divorce, we can help you move on with your life with the type of competent professional representation you need at this time.


The issue of “Who gets the kids?” can arise for any number of reasons. Maybe divorce. Maybe death. Maybe a parent has simply fallen on hard times or lost their way. Often times, Grandparents need to step in to protect a child’s best interests. Regardless of the reason, this question can be a hard one for the court. Our firm understands how important the answer to that question is to you and will work with you to lead the court to a custody determination that will protect the safety and happiness of the children you love. Child Support-- Alabama law mandates that parents support their children financially. The amount of child support owed ultimately depends on a number of factors, to include the parents’ income, childcare and insurance costs, and various other factors. Sometimes a parent who owes support has had an increase or decrease in income. Other times a parent may just simply not fulfill his or her responsibility to provide the children with support. No matter the reason, we can help ensure that your children are getting the support that they deserve and that the amount each parent is contributing is fair under the law.


It’s a fact of life that the paternity of a child is a commonly disputed issue. This is understandable given the legal implications of fatherhood; the natural fathers of children are generally entitled to visitation with them, and are also responsible for support of them. Whether the father of your child is denying paternity to avoid his financial responsibility, or the mother is denying your paternity to keep you from your own child, we can help you have the true father recognized under the law so that the child can enjoy the support—financial or emotional—that he or she deserves.


Unfortunately, our legal system is not perfect. Sometimes mistakes are made, important information is overlooked, or the judge just gets it wrong. When that happens, you need someone who knows how to interpret the rules, procedures, and laws that are going to determine what options are available to you. You also need someone who is able transform that information into an argument that can overcome the difficult burdens faced on appeal and bring the appellate courts into your corner. The Hanley Law Firm has a diverse appellate practice and handles both state and federal appeals. We can help you assess your chances of contesting the outcome of your case and will fight to ensure that you aren’t saddled with someone else’s error.

Estate Planning : Wills, Living Wills & Advanced Directives

No one likes to believe that the end is inevitable, but death is just that. Worse, it is often sudden and unpredictable. Many of us fear the possibility of leaving a burden on our family, or leaving them unsupported. We have carried around a pit in our stomach for quite some time; a nagging worry because we have not planned for our family’s future without us. However, it is an ache that can be cured. Good planning can make the difference between your family continuing to live a comfortable life after you have gone, or being saddled with debt and uncertainty. Good planning can help your family make difficult decisions after debilitating injuries or illnesses, and insure that your end-of-life wishes are carried out. The Hanley Law Firm can help you take the burden off the ones you love and give you the peace of mind. Both you and your family will appreciate you taking this one off your “to-do” list.

Business and Nonprofit Formation

Starting a business or non-profit can be a daunting task. There are rules, regulations, and paperwork on every level—from your local municipality to the federal government. The different types of business structures available to an entrepreneur create a multitude of confusing legal protections and consequences. Many times businesses will be created that provide a level of limited liability for the owners’ personal assets, but leave the business itself unprotected and vulnerable to financial ruin. You do not have to tread these perilous waters alone. We can help you cut through the red tape while creating a business structure that will provide both you and your business with the type of liability protection that your hard work deserves.

Civil Lawsuits and Injuries

Most of us hate the idea of having to sue. Nonetheless, at some point in our lives we may very well find ourselves in a compromised position because of the mistake, bad decision, or irrational stubbornness of someone else. And, unfortunately, it is often quite difficult to get the ones who have caused the harm to take responsibility and make it right. If you’ve been injured or wronged, you need legal help to guide you through the complicated civil legal system. The Hanley Law Firm here to look out for your interests and help make sure that you get what you deserve.

Expungements and Pardons

Many of us have not been fortunate enough to get through our lives without a brush or two with the law. These blemishes to our records are often remnants of youthful indiscretions and immature decision making. Other times they are the scars of false accusations or wrongful prosecution. Regardless, the records retained by courts and law enforcement may haunt a person for the rest of his life whether or not he was actually convicted of any offense or has rehabilitated his life. Under certain circumstances, Alabama law enables citizens to have arrests and charges removed from court and law enforcement records. The law even allows those convicted of some crimes to receive a pardon from the state and/or to regain certain rights lost after conviction. Call us today to see if we can help unsaddle you from a bothersome past.


While the Hanley Law Firm handles may types of cases, we don’t do everything. Occasionally, we will be confronted with a case that is better suited for another firm. Many times it is that a legal issue requires a specialized practice or resources. Whatever the reason, it is important to us to help you find a resolution to your problem and we will do our best to get you to the help you need. We can even stay on the case to insure that it get the attention it deserves. Regardless of whether you think your problem is up our alley, give us a call to see what we might be able to do for you.

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